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Claims Process

Allabout has claims authority to handled and settle claims for Santam, Bryte and few other Insurers. 

Insurance regulations demand, all clients to submit and sign all claims themselves. Find below claim forms for different type of claims.                       

Please remember that all claims must be submitted as soon as possible, but not later than 30 days from the incident. 

We suggest, you take as much photos on your cell phone of damages and scene and submit it to us or to the Assessor

Motor claims


Motor Accident Claim form - Click here


Motor Glass Claim form - Click here

Motor Theft Claim form - Click here


When you are involved in a motor accident you will need the following to institute a claim 

1. Sign and submit a Motor vehicle claim form to our office, email to

2. Report the accident by the Police and obtain a case number

3. Names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses (if any)

4. Photographs of the accident and extent of injury (if possible)

5. Contact details or insurance details from other parties (if applicable) 

6. Copies of Driver license of the driver. 

7. One quotation from your preferred panel beater if the vehicle is not drivable, or 

submit photos of all damage zoomed in and out, as well, the license disk and kilometers if drivable. 

Property damage claims

Property Theft or Damaged Claim form - click here


Insurers will always ask for proof of ownership of items claimed. 


After your claim was introduced to us, start looking for purchase invoices, manuals, remotes, packaging, or photos that can be proof ownership. 


1. Submit and sign property claim form to

2. Please attach one replacement quotation and /or repair quotation. 

3. If an item is irreparable, we need a repair quote with specification why it is uneconomical to repair and reason for damage (for example lightning damage) plus a replacement quotation. 

Process and important things to remember 

In pursuit of continually improving our claims service, we wish to encourage insureds to consider utilizing an online motor vehicle accident reporting tool on the NATIS website versus reporting motor vehicle accidents at a local SAPS office.

On completion of the reporting process, one will receive a PDF summary, including the Crash report(CR) number, which summary can be forwarded to our office along with the other claim Documentation.

However, kindly note that this tool cannot be used if 

  • any person was killed or injured in the crash 

  • The incident was a "hit and run "

  • 5 or more Vehicles were involved


The tool can be found at

when you enter the site look towards the top right, you will notice the below the choice bar and the reporting tool on the far right 

Please submit / email claims as soon as possible, within 30 days from the incident

​As soon as we have registered your claim, we will send you a Sms or email. 

We will appoint an Assessor if the insurer requires one as soon as your claim is registered. 

The Assessor will make an appointment with you. 

Normally the Assessor will submit his report to the insurers or ask for further information and documents from you. 


The claim will be settled either cash, repair, or replacement. Please note insurers do not like to settle claims cash to discourage fraud. 


If you are not happy with the settlement, or progress on your claim, please email/call our claims manager -Sylvia van der Weide at 0164236467/ or Louis Koen on


If the unfortunate happens and your claim is repudiated, and you do not accept the outcome, please contact the Insurer Complains Line. 


 If you are still not happy, you may refer your claim to the Insurance Ombudsman for further mitigation.

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