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All about Commercial & Industrial Policy's


All About offers a wide variety of cover under our Commercial Product.


Special Features :

 We can extend the policy to increase the directors' insurance under this policy.

The advantage is ONE policy ONE debit order. 

We can cover the general contents of your business against :

  1. Theft of stock, machinery, plant, office contents, and equipment 

  2. Fire cover to Buildings, Stock, machinery, plant, office contents, and equipment, etc.

  3. Loss of Electronics and specialized equipment as a result of fire, theft, lightning, and power surge.

  4. Loss of Documents as a result of a fire or theft.

  5. Loss of profit/ revenue as a result of an insured event.

  6. Liability cover can also be extended to include Top-up Liability for R20 Million. 

The following extensions can be added to your policy at a cost : 

  • Car hire available to motor and LDV for 30 days following a loss.

  • Standard excesses can be insured.

  • Multiple extensions per policy section.

We offer you and your business peace of mind while we take care of the insurance.

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