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All about Engineering Policy


All About Engineering Provides specialist insurance for civil, building, mechanical, electronic, chemical, and power generation projects, including any risk associated with their construction or erection. 

Product Range : 

1. Contract All Risk Insurance (Car)  

 Covers :

  1. Buildings Engineering.

  2. Civil Engineering.

  3. Mechanical Engineering.

 against risks during construction or correction ( eg. Flooding, fire more explosions, and theft)

 Also Covers Third Party Liability risks.

2. Plant Risk Insurance (Par)  

Covers primarily mobile construction plant and machinery against the risk of external damage ( eg. Accidents on-site ) and theft.

3. Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)  

Covers electronic/computer equipment against the risk of external damage ( e.g. Dropping, Impact).

Loss of Profits as a consequence of machines' downtime can be covered.

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